Larry Sheingorn, M. D.
9715 Medical Center Drive - #502
Rockville, Maryland 20850

phone: 301-279-2770
fax, during office hours: 301-294-5322
page: 1-888-632-3377

M: 9:00AM - 4:00 PM
T: 9:00AM - 4:00 PM
W: 9:00AM - 12:30 PM
T: surgery/technical studies (phones closed)
F: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
S: technical studies (phones closed)

Location: 9715 Medical Center Drive - #502; Rockville, Maryland
We are next door to Shady Grove Hospital, minutes from I-270's exit 8 -- Shady Grove Road. Follow the blue "hospital signs" from I-270, exit 8, or Rt. 355 and Shady Grove Road. From the Shady Grove Road hospital entrance, we are the building to the right -- adjacent to the emergency room entrance.

Special interests:
We specialize in laser vision correction, and have been performing these procedures since their availability in this country. We also do general ophthalmology, treating medical and surgical diseases of the eye.

Our practice:
Our pratice is "one doctor/one patient at a time". We hire no technicians to see our patients. We treat our patients like we would like to be treated when we see our doctors!

As a service to our patients, we participate in most, but not all, insurance plans. Regrettably, we found some HMOs inconsistent with our goal of high quality medicine, including MAMSI (Aliance, MD-IPA, etc.), PrimeHealth, some Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans, some CIGNA plans, and a few others.

Please understand, if you want us to submit your bills to your insurance company, any required "referral forms", etc., MUST be on file with us at the time of service. We can not afford to practice as we do and make exceptions to your insurance company's rules. We thank you in advance for your understanding.